Published on 05/11/2017 4:53 pm
The Best Scar Removal Treatment

There are numerous types of over the counter scar treatment products available. Widely used products are the topical ointment use of vitamin Elizabeth, scar creams based on vitamin E or red onion extract like Revitol, cacao butter, cucumber butter, lime scale juice, Aloe Vera, Biography Oil, skin remodeling water piping peptides and so on. The truth however is that, in contradiction to the abundant positive reviews, almost all of these natural home remedies are not efficient at all.

For example Revitol scar cream, a nowadays very popular scar removal cream that contain onion extract, does not seem to be to improve scar appearance and has not shown any benefit over petroleum lubricants.

Various studies show the onion get gel would not improve scar appearance in comparison to a petrolatum-based ointment. A respected dermatology website advices doctors to tell their patients that using this product will likely not cause any harm but will not lead to an improvement either.

This applies to the other aforementioned home cure scar treatment products as well. For example the topical application of vitamin E on scar problems.

Trials illustrate that supplement E provides no more effect than any other emollient-type ointments, and moisturizing appears to be it is only beneficial effect. Furthermore, topical vitamin E may actually cause more damage than good, possibly deteriorating a scar's appearance and creating contact dermatitis (red rash), and other skin area irritations in a sizable ratio of patients.

The last outcome of examining all these studies and scientific trials is that, either there are no significant improvements or there has not been done any research to look for the efficacy of the product. (On Lime, cucumber and lemon juice and cocoa butter are no studies done) Flagrant different is silicone scar treatment. Several randomised trials have shown that treatment of keloid and hypertrophic marks with silicone gel linens significantly and clinically improved upon seen scars. It will not surprise that silicon sheets, recommended by many people plastic surgeons, burn up centers and dermatologists, are called 'the golden standard in scar treatment'. Even so early treatment is ideal, silicone gel sheets may also be beneficial for older scarring

Another, possible effective is the use of baby on wounds and marks but more research must be done. With honey being very beneficial for twisted care, a recent review (evaluated the results of 22 trials involving more than 2, 000 patients) concluded that honey also minimizes scarring, removes contaminated and dead tissue and speeds healing by rousing new tissue growth.

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